Not With the Party

On both sides of the political equation there have been pundits tisk tisking the preoccupation by the public with the Obama’s lavish Halloween party. Agreed, the White House should be able to entertain on a bigger scale than John Q. Public, but this was out of line.

Why? It was more an abuse of power than a holiday party gone a little overboard. We entrust elected leaders to concentrate on issues not celebrities. No one begrudges the Obamas a little fun, but does Hollywood have to be part of it? Does a good time require rooms being remade in the White House? This at a time when the country was (and still is) suffering. Even White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs understood how it looks.

Can you imagine George W. Bush sanctioning this? Or Laura Bush approving it, much less dressing up as Cat Woman? Of course not, because mature adults understand that the office requires propriety and respect for the taxpayers.

But even more importantly, no one in Washington throws a party just for the fun of it. Who’s invited signals who’s in power; who isn’t is a slap in the face. That means jostling for power and parties are used to show that.

They are also used to lobby people of influence. You invite someone when you want something from him or her. Who knows what deals were made on that October 31st?

Summoning Hollywood to take care of it is also troubling. It shows the connection between the propaganda side of the left and their willing accomplices. What if you didn’t believe in the Obama cause? Would you be free to turn down an invitation? Probably not as you would be blacklisted in Hollywood and investigated out the wahzoo by any governmental agency they choose to bedevil you.

That’s why this party and its secrecy matter. If it was all so innocent, why did they cover it up? And who helped? New York Times, Washington Post, AP, NBC? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed if such a big event went under your radar? Yes, unless, of course, you wanted it to.

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