Distress Signals

So the economy is chugging along, huh? You probably don’t believe it either.

But if the MSM wants to find data to support their theory, they do. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or relevant. Anything to persuade us that Obama is doing a good job of steering the economy out of troubled waters towards prosperity’s shore.

Personal experience begs to differ.

Last week I needed a plumber. As Midtown residents know, old houses often need repairs. A sink got stopped up and it was time to call the plumber. I called at 8 a.m. Monday morning; by 9 a.m. the plumber had shown up. I had expected a day long wait or even an appointment a few days away.

No, the plumber said, business was off and had been. He complained that the economy had not recovered and he no longer believed what the government said. All unprompted, by the way. He did his job efficiently and reasonably.

Later that week, a young driver in a jeep failed to stop in time and hit my bumper. He punched two holes in it. We exchanged insurance information, I contacted his company and they set up a repair appointment. I got to the body shop a few minutes early, but an adjustor came out immediately, looked at the damage, sent me to another person who immediately got the information and arranged for a rental car. Oddly enough, another client was talking about the economy at another desk. I listened in and heard him throw out well based opinions on the economy and its perilous state.

Before I even got home, the repair shop called and told me what the damage was, the cost and the estimated repair time. Later that afternoon, I called and was told it would be ready in the morning. It was. Again I was treated courteously, kept informed at all times and left just 26 hours after I brought it in.

When I got home, a rental employee called and asked me if everything had gone well. He said I would be surveyed by the company later to evaluate his performance. The woman at the claims desk had told me that, too. Her eyes telegraphed that she was concerned for her job and his voice did, too. I reassured them both.

Then, I called someone about a plaster job on a wall. He was ready to come out immediately and repair it.

It doesn’t seem like American workers have suddenly had an epiphany. What’s going on is that business is down and there isn’t much work. People are worried about their jobs.

To me, this is more telling than the data doled out by the bureaucracy, stock market fluctuations or jobless rates B.S. from the BLS.

needed to call a plumber, accident, plasterer/painter.

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