Perry Should Withdraw

I am a Perry supporter. I think his record in Texas is good, his tax plan excellent, his ideas on the economy, defense, energy and Obamacare all good red meat conservatism. From the beginning I liked his view that he wanted to make “Washington as inconsequential in our lives as possible.” His outsider status and promise to cut Congress’ schedule also seems to be what the nation needs right now.

However, his fumbles distracted the public from his policies. Perry started out with a public solidly behind him. He should have avoided the first few debates. He now admits that back surgery in July effected his performances; he lost his energy towards the end of debates and said things that riled the base. His advisors wanted to play on his strengths as a campaigner who did well one on one and ignored national exposure. He neglected to press himself on Fox shows and to pepper talk radio with interviews. Cain did just that and skyrocketed in popularity.

Then Perry had his forgetful moment. I admire how he persevered after it. It was truly admirable and showed a lot of character. Lately his debate performances have been good, but he has been fatally tagged and can’t escape it. Part of it was cooked in the cake at the beginning; Southerners – and particularly Texans after GW Bush – seem to earn disdain from the East and West Coasts no matter how brilliant they may be. It is said Perry had the Bush people working against him. Karl Rove, for instance, never gave him a break. It added to his problems.

Now that Sarah Palin basically endorsed Newt, Perry’s last hope is gone. Before the next debate he should withdraw and throw his support behind Newt Gingrich. Gingrich will need all the votes he can get to stop Romney. Newt’s not perfect, but perfect should not be the enemy of the good as they say. Perhaps Gingrich will return the favor by placing him in a cabinet position should he win. Gingrich likes Perry and even wrote the forward to his book “Fed Up” for him.

I just don’t see Romney winning against Obama. I hope I am wrong should he be the nominee. Team Obama has been doing opposition research on him for years. Anything Romney has ever done or said will be trotted out. Then he will be marginalized, the Alinsky way, by being made fun of on Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show, etc.

Newt’s no angel, but he is more of a conservative than Romney. He can also verbally squash his enemies and the media. He’ll do it, too. He wants the presidency and will fight for it.

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