“They have declared war on us”

When Andrew Breitbart spoke at the SRLC he was full of passion for our country.

Breitbart, a Tulane grad, said he was enjoying being back in New Orleans. He had come from the earlier tea party protest in Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid’s home town. He described his encounters with the left who purposefully tried to steer Tea Party people to the path away from their gathering. “They are fishing for hate,” he said.

“Why is it that the left gets to throw around “racism” yet if I want to use the word socialist I have to go to the DNC and ask permission?”

“The left wants to social engineer us and their favorite tactic is to accuse you of what they are doing to you. They have declared war on us.”

It was great to hear his enthusiasm and his encouragement for Republicans to get out and confront the opposition, even if it isn’t something you like to do.

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