Why Newt Won

For the past few months of the campaign, every time something objectionable came from the Obama administration, I’ve been waiting to hear a candidate take to a podium and scream his head off about it.

When Obama started weighing mortgage bailouts for delinquent homeowners, I waited. With the Fast and Furious denials and facts coming to light, I waited. When Obama made his Osawatomie speech decrying capitalism, I waited. When he refused to deal with Iran’s mounting nuclear nightmare, I waited. When bogus numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about jobs came out, I waited. When reports about the economy glorified it while my own eyes and ears denied it, I waited. When he denied the Keystone pipeline, I waited.

I didn’t hear much more than an elevated tone of voice from even my favorite candidate. We heard from Chris Christie; we heard from Marco Rubio; we heard from Donald Trump. We heard a little from Herman Cain, which explains a lot of his odd popularity. I wanted a going to the window, opening it and yelling “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” moment. I didn’t get it. Outrage? It wasn’t coming from our candidates.

Then Newt started giving it back to the media. When he slapped them down at the debates, he started speaking for us. No more Mr. Nice Guy! That’s what conservatives are looking for.

Even conservative media failed us. After each of the never ending debates we were told how well Mitt Romney did. Places like the National Review, Fox News, the Weekly Standard, pundits on panels all insisted that he was the most convincing, electable and the one with the most money, so we should just bend over and let it happen.

Well the people in South Carolina decided they didn’t want to bend over. Today, a lot of the anchors and reporters look a little glum that they didn’t.

Even after Newt took it to the media in this week’s two South Carolina debates, and got standing ovations, the analysts still talked about Mitt’s good night and Santorum’s rise. Really? Against predictions that Newt would not get the evangelical vote or women’s votes, he did from exit polls discussed this morning. By the way, the polls vastly underestimated Newt’s win. Do we want to base our votes on them?

I’ll agree that Newt has plenty of problems as a candidate. His “unfavorables” may be higher than Romney’s. But from where I sit we have a clear loser in Romney. Perhaps Gingrich can vault over these concerns by grasping our concerns.

He won last night by showing some passion. You just don’t get it from Romney. There’s the sense that he’s too polite to say something in a loud voice or to get his hands dirty wrestling in the mud. Even Santorum’s wife told him he’s whiny. Ron Paul has been saying the same things in every campaign he’s run. Perry should have blown up rather than been blown up. Huntsman just made snide remarks.

This isn’t the time for those tactics. We are frightened of the Obama administration (a theme Newt has picked up by talking about an unrestrained Obama second term). We are fearful for our economic health. We recognize the dangers lurking internationally. We are sick of media attacks.

If Newt taps into this, he will win the nomination.

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