Our primary is over, but…

Four states have primaries today and several of them have been interesting to say the least.

In Georgia, the big race is the governorship. Sarah Palin has endorsed former secretary of state Karen Handel, as has  Mitt Romney. Her opponent, Nathan Deal, got the backing of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee. The polls have them neck and neck.

Colorado has the contests for Senate and Governor. The Democrat candidates are current senator Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff. Romanoff got the push from Bill Clinton, ticking off Obama who got Bennet in the Senate after tapping  then Senator Ken Salazar to become Interior Secretary. The Republicans are Jane Norton and Ken Buck.  Sarah Palin has been mum on Jane Norton. Jim DeMint and the Tea  Party backed Buck, but he shot himself in the foot with this quote: “Please tell those dumbasses at the Tea Party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I’m on   camera.” Ouch.

For the governorship, Republicans were poised for gains until a few unfortunate events. Former congressman Scott McInnis has been attacked for plagiarism; his opponent Dan Maes got the Tea Party endorsement; and then Tom Tancredo threw his hat into the ring as the Constitution Party candidate. Rasmussen has Tancredo splitting the vote and handing it to Democrat Denver mayor John Hickenlooper. Maybe tonight’s primary will settle some of this uncertainty.

In Connecticut, the battle for Senator Chris Dodd’s seat is between the Republicans. Former representative Rob Simmons goes up against Linda McMahon who has not held public office. She has lots of money from her World Wrestling Entertainment company. The Democrat is state attorney general  Richard Blumenthal who came under fire for claiming to have served in Vietnam when he never was there. Hopes for a Republican victory had been high because of that scandal and in light of Scott Brown’s victory against state attorney general Martha Coakley, but polls are not currently in our favor.

Minnesota’s primary concerns the governorship. The Republican candidate is Tom Emmer and he could cruise to an easy primary victory.  The Democrat Farm Labor candidates are former Senator Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza and Margaratet Anderson Kelliher.

Stay tuned.

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