Michelle Does the Thong Thing for $50,000

I have noticed prices going up at the grocery and department stores, but I had no idea inflation was this bad.

How bad? So bad that an outing for undies set the First Lady back $50,000. And I thought ground beef was high at $3 plus!

At least that’s what the U.K. Mirror reports. They say Michelle Obama and the Queen of Qatar went to the swank Agent Provocateur store in New York, requiring parts of Madison Avenue to be shut down. This shop of luxury thongs, bras, panties and other things that used to be called “unmentionables” but now are paraded around like coats, are pretty pricey. Racy lace corsets for sale “for about the price of a Caribbean cruise” according to the Mirror, are offered to a secret clientele list.

From what I saw in pictures of their stock, this is not your normal fruit of the looms or even Victoria’s Secret. They look more like something an aspiring Hollywood starlet would wear on the casting couch or a centerfold wannabee would strut. I’d rather not think of them appearing on the First Lady in the Lincoln bedroom.

Besides, it’s a little TMI on the Obama relationship.

The White House press office was, ahem, brief in its response. They deny it happened, but what part isn’t true? Did Michelle spend $49,000 there or was it the Queen who shelled out the most? Their report is, well, scanty.

Reporters won’t want to go undercover to find out the truth. Of course, they never do. In this case, who can blame them?

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