Top Draw

Of course, the main speaker everyone wanted to see and lined up an hour and a half before, was Sarah Palin. She had many people championing her, especially veterans. Each seat in the ballroom had placed on it a cellophane wrapped caribou jerky with a tag, “An Alaskan Snack from Sarahpac.”

To her question “Do you love your freedom?” she got a roaring response. Palin noted that “the party of Lincoln and Reagan is back!” Good to hear that she emphasized her party affiliation.

Media reported her retort to Obama, who criticized her as “no nuclear expert,” chiding him by notingĀ  his career as a community activist was hardly good preparation for nuclear expertise. She targeted the Obama doctrine as one that appeases our enemies and makes enemies of our friends. Palin spoke of the smoke and mirror energy plan of Obama and dubbed the EPA as the “Energy Punishment Agency.” When she said “shoot” as a minor expletive, she quickly apologized with a wink. My favorite comment, “Don’t retreat, reload,” brought laughter and applause as well.

Anyone who discounts this lady does not have an idea of her enormous popularity.

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