So What Does It Mean?

Four states had their primaries yesterday. Here’s a little of what experts are saying about it throughout the blogosphere and media.

An analysis in Politico claims that in the Colorado race, the Democrats and President Obama are the big winners. Michael Bennett, President Obama’s choice, beat out Andrew Romanoff, given the nod  by Bill Clinton, for the Senate race.

But Karl Rove says not so fast. He told Fox’s Happening Now that he sees the Senate race “not good news for Democrats. I’m mystified by Politico’s analysis,” he says. “In the Senate primary 407,000 people voted in the Republican primary vs. 339,000 in the the Democrat. In a state that went for Obama , this would worry me.  The losing Republican got more votes than the winner in the Democrat primary. The amount of energy for the grassroots Republican candidate  was high versus the Democrats with much lower turnout.”

In a poll sponsored by American Crossroads, he notes, the 13 Senate races give the GOP leads in the generic ballot breaking down 47/36. “The Democrats are facing a terrible headwind,”  Rove says.

Powerline blog, whose writers live in Minnesota, say that Democrat gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton just eked out a win. The scion of the family that started Target stores spent a lot of money and just squeaked by. His game plan, the writers say, is to target (sorry!) Tim Pawlenty, the Republican governor as having imposed an unwarranted austerity and the rich must start paying more.

Not a big winner in a state that is already plagued by taxes higher than most other states. Powerline says Dayton disgraced himself in his single term as Senator and is “an alcoholic with mental problems.”

That sounds promising until you consider that Minnesotans also elected Al Franken.

In Georgia, Gingrich/Huckabee backed Deal won over Sarah Palin endorsed Handel for the governorship. It was neck and neck so who knows what that means.

In Connecticut  World Wrestling Entertainment founder Linda McMahon body slammed her two Republican opponents. She told the AP that she is ready to spend up to $50 million of her own money on her campaign, so let’s get ready to rumble!

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