Santorum’s Big Win

Santorum’s big win in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado last night suggests that the conservative wing of the GOP is rousing from its torpor.

About time. For someone who didn’t seem like he had a ghost of a chance last summer, Santorum has surprised us all. That is a good thing. He seems to have ignited some enthusiasm; something the other candidates have not succeeded in doing.

His stance on social issues troubles many people. So I took a look at what Hillbuzz was saying about the former Pennsylvania senator.

Hillbuzz is run by a gay in Chicago who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, but took a right turn when Obama entered the contest. Here are his comments after he went

to monitor the Tolerant Left on Facebook to see how the most crazed individuals over there respond to Santorum — and he makes these people as apoplectic as they get whenever railing against Governor Palin or President George W. Bush.

I have a not infallible rule of thumb/acid test in life that requires me to take a second look at anything that sends those on the Tolerant Left into fits and convulsions, because 80% of the time something these people hate with burning passion is something that’s actually good for the country. There are instances — like with SOPA/PIPA and the plot to censor and destroy the Internet as we know it — where the Tolerant Left emerges from the wilderness and accidentally lands on the right side of something, but that’s so rare I can’t even think of another example besides SOPA/PIPA off the top of my head. Maybe they’re really wrong 99% of the time, though I was trying to be generous.

My beef against Santorum has always been that I just didn’t like the guy on a personal level for the weasely stunts he pulled in Pennsylvania with his residency status and the tuition scam he pulled with his kids when they were “cyber learning”. I lived in Pittsburgh when he was a sitting Senator and was heavily influenced by my neighbors — who railed against him every day over these two issues. I also can’t help but associate him with the smear campaign launched against him by gay activist Dan Savage, who deliberately engineered an Internet meme where Santorum’s last name was redefined as “santorum”, a new word coined for a varietal of fecal matter.

For the longest time I thought Savage prevented Santorum from attaining a national political career with that smear campaign, but I’ve reconsidered the reality of this in light of how the general public will react to it in a general election matchup against Barack Obama.

For one thing, the Tolerant Left will rev up emotional, often crazed attacks against the ultimate Republican nominee. Willard “Mittens” Romney will be attacked as a Wall Street stock villain — and he’ll be mocked for his “magic underwear” and for strapping his dog to the roof of his car (see: Romney, Mutt). New Gingrich would be savaged for his serial adultery and the apocryphal story that he divorced his wife Jackie (who is very much still alive today) while she was dying of cancer (which she never had). The big thing the Tolerant Left will smack Santorum with is the fact that some Gaystapo agent engineered a malicious stunt where Santorum’s family name was besmirched, just because Google allowed this tactic to be effective.

Out of the three of them, the Tolerant Left has the least material to work with in Santorum — a man who is unknown to many Americans, still.

It’s also going to be hard for Tolerant Leftists to bring much attention to attacks on Santorum made by the Gaystapo because it then invites conservatives to question Barack Obama’s gay past, his sexual encounters with Larry Sinclair, his relationships with Kal Penn, Reggie Love, Nick Colwin, and everything else strange and seedy about his past (including his frequent visits to Man’s Country bathhouse here in Chicago).

I guarantee the Obama campaign won’t want to go there and will discourage the Gaystapo from taking the “santorum” with a small-s propaganda to the national stage.

Looking back on Santorum’s performances in the debates, he’s handled himself very well. He’s sharp, a clear and crisp speaker, and I believe what he’s saying when he talks to the camera. I also feel sorry for him regarding not only what the Tolerant Left did to him with Dan’s savage “santorum” Google bombing, but the emotional terrorism directed at the Santorums over their lost child, a son named Gabriel.

It’s time to learn more about what sort of general election candidate Santorum would be and if he could indeed effectively take the fight to Barack Obama in a general election matchup.

I don’t believe Romney would beat Obama and have yet to see anything from this lackluster and uninspiring candidate to prove otherwise.

I think Gingrich would win, but it would be messy, and the Tolerant Left would have plenty of old distractions to rehash in the general election.

I wonder if Santorum is a punch out of left field that the Tolerant Left never saw coming — and which they’d be completely and devastatingly unprepared for.

He’s got many good points.

I think Santorum is hitting it out of the park because he has brought the issue of Obamacare to the forefront. That is our most powerful weapon to oust the president. Public opinion has been steadfastly against it; still, it barely came up in debates.

When it finally did surface substantively, Romney hanged himself on his own words. “It’s not worth getting angry about.”

If the issue of personal freedom being taken away is not worth getting angry about, what is? Santorum would be wise to keep hammering this home in every upcoming primary state. He might wrest the nomination away from future failure Mitt Romney.

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