Pet Project

Flag DogWe all know that Democrats want to control every aspect of our lives. What we eat, what our   kids eat at school, what we drive, how much energy we use, the doctor we see, the light bulbs we use;  just a few notes in the concert of controls they play with us.

But now, thanks to our own City Council committee headed by Democrat Shea Flinn, our pets must submit to their will as well.

And not just for the rabies shots and licenses they must have. Now they’ve taken aim at their private parts. Flinn wants all dogs and cats to be neutered or spayed and it won’t be cheap.

Flinn’s ordinance would impose  a “$200 one-time fee, which would authorize one litter per female dog during a 12-month period and a $35 annual license fee for fertile animals,” according to the Commercial Appeal. At first he just wanted to apply it to pit bulls and pit mixes, but now has enlarged it to all breeds, Flinn says.

He thinks it will curb the dog population  and stop dog attacks. But will it?

Responsible people who own pets will probably comply and fork over the money. But lower income people don’t have it and  probably  will not. We can’t even get all Memphians to get drivers licenses. This point was brought home to me watching a recent “Real Police Women of Memphis.” An officer stopped a truck and asked for his license. He didn’t have it, nor did the other 5 or 6 passengers. The driver called his extended family and friends and not one of them had an active license either. If they won’t do it for the right to drive, who thinks they will to spay and neuter a pet? It’s insane.

Where does the government’s control over us end? Will someone make sure I floss my teeth thoroughly every day?

Losing our freedoms is one of my pet peeves. I hope this one unleashes a backlash and bites all who sign onto it.

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