Forgotten Fukushima

Our media likes to report 200% about something when it happens; a week or two later they dump the story.

That happened in the Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown last March 11. All the news anchors went running off to Japan (although at a safe distance) to cover it. Then, they got bored and dropped the story. It’s hard to know what’s going on there today; how many people have returned, the status of the plant, deaths, etc. because they have not updated it.

Forgotten in most of this were the pets left behind. A rescue group has put out this plea for help. They have chosen the name Hachiko after the most famous and noble dog in Japan. Hachiko, an Akita, was the dog of a professor who taught him to accompany him to the train station, go home and return to the station when the professor arrived. They did this for two years until one day when the professor suffered a heart attack at the university and died.

Hachiko returned to the train station to look for him every day for ten years. People in the area were astounded at the dog’s constancy – something we don’t see much of any more. When he died, the whole country went into mourning and the Japanese made a statue of him and placed it at the train station where he waited so faithfully.

The video tells of the struggles still going on with pets in the Fukushima area.

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