The Truth in Black and White

Readers of the Commercial Appeal gave reporters Otis Sanford, Zach McMillan and Wendi Thomas appropriate smack downs in their letters today (

The rush to assign racism to Memphis voters was eloquently rebuked.

“A breakdown of votes by race was not available, yet he (Otis Sanford) makes those statements as if  there were one,” comments one writer. “Sanford has not gotten the message that voters sent on election day.”

Another: “As for me, I am a white, male Republican who will vote for a black, female Republican (Charlotte Bergmann) over a white, male Democrat (Steve Cohen). Go figure.”

Look somewhere besides Memphis writes another. “The reason for this starts with the Democratic agenda in Washington, with President Barack Obama and his reckless spending, a 1,200 page health care bill filled with ludicrous entitlements, illegal immigrants, financial reform, unemployment at 9.5 percent and a $787 billion stimulus bill that has not worked. All of this against the will of the majority of the American people.” Amen!

Another: “It is readily apparent that many black leaders just want a power base of dependent black voters to keep them in power. They can’t keep blacks dependent if blacks become a prosperous and free middle class.”

It’s gratifying that many Memphians get it. Go read those letters.

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