Democrat Logic

Charlie Spiering of the Washington Examiner reports this morning that 72% of Americans don’t think Obamacare is constitutional.

Gallup is out with new numbers about President Obama’s health care bill. According to the poll, 47 percent favor a repeal of the law, should a Republican president get elected and 44 percent oppose it. Not surprisingly, Republicans favor repeal by 87 percent and Democrats oppose it by 77 percent.

More importantly, 72 percent of Americans believe that the law’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, including 56 percent of Democrats.

It’s a bewildering conclusion. Democrats support Obamacare even though they think part of it is unconstitutional? Perhaps the wording of the first clause, “If a Republican is elected president this November” throws Democrats into defense mode.

More importantly, should the Supreme Court rule the mandate unconstitutional, the most toxic part of the legislation will be removed.

This morning’s USA Today polling numbers show that only 38 percent of voters in swing states view the health care law as a “good thing” while 53 percent of voters think it is a “bad thing.”

What surprises me is that the reporter finds it “bewildering” that the majority of Democrats recognize that Obamacare is unconstitutional, but 77% support it.

What is the discrepancy? It’s reflective of the Democrat mindset. They don’t really care if something’s constitutional. The Constitution is not an important document to them. What they crave is government control over our lives. So, yes, they feel it probably isn’t the right thing to do, but then again, Americans don’t really know what’s good for them so it must be imposed on us.

I don’t see a disconnect in that at all. That’s what they are. Freedom scares them.

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