This acronym has popped up on bloggers’ sites ever since the untimely and tragic death of Andrew Breitbart.

There is nothing irreligious about it. It probably makes more sense than the WWJD popular among shallow Christians. After all, saying what we thought Jesus would do in certain situations is a bit, well, presumptuous. Even the apostles were surprised at Jesus’ actions and responses.

Anyhow, WWBD is appropriate for the conservative movement. For Andrew Breitbart would enter any fray, enthusiastically, sincerely, patriotically. He had a love of his fellow Americans, but that didn’t mean he left his principles behind.

I thought of this after an outing last night that was pure Midtown liberal nirvana. It paired art, causes and liberalism. The artist at the event moved long ago from Memphis to that liberal mecca, Berkeley, California. She probably lives in Nancy Pelosi’s district. A conservative in that flock stood out like a NASCAR fan at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

It was not the place to blurt out “who plans on voting for Santorum like me?” or “Rush nailed it on the contraceptive issue today.” But neither was it a place to shun. That’s what a lot of us have done in the past few decades. We figure we aren’t welcome and concede. We’ve done it in local governments to some extent, in school administration and in the entertainment industry. Now we are shocked that many of our fellow citizens aren’t with us.

That was one of the things so great about Breitbart. He dove right in no matter. He wasn’t rude unless someone attacked him. He wasn’t conciliatory or one to deny his beliefs. He countered and sparred and persevered.

That’s what we’ll have to do. Not to go looking for a fight, but to engage. Not to browbeat but enthrall. Not to proselytize, but to inform.

It won’t be easy, but it must be done. Breitbart showed us how.

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