In the Name of God – Go!

AFter Rick Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi last night, it’s time for Newt to exit stage right.

Just a few days ago Gingrich’s spokesman called the two Southern states must wins. Those must wins didn’t happen and now he must go. If Gingrich can’t manage a win in his own backyard, where will he win? His role now is just spoiler for Rick Santorum, who clearly has momentum.

In his speech last night Gingrich said he would continue the fight to Tampa. Today there are calls by conservatives for him to eject sooner – like right now.

Gingrich is beginning to look like someone obsessed. He won South Carolina and pundits said that means he would probably win the nomination. But there is no given in that. Newt is looking like a faded Hollywood star still expecting the phone call announcing she has landed a big part. Sorry, Newt, but that phone isn’t going to ring.

If it does, it should be from Gov. Rick Perry. He did the right thing when his campaign imploded and got out of the race. He needs to call Gingrich and tell him it’s over. Man up, do the right thing and don’t hurt the party anymore.

Gringrich and Santorum’s delegate vote toll combined is 486. That outweighs Mitt’s 470 and shows where the party really is. If he is still bitter over the stinging ads Romney ran against him in Florida, Gingrich should take his revenge and throw his support to Santorum.

Jamie Weinstein at the Daily Caller writes “Newt Opts to burn down the GOP house.” He’s right and that shouldn’t happen.

If Callista or Perry can’t reach him, though, perhaps Sheldon Adelson can. He’s Newt’s big money backer, but he may be turning. John Harwood of NBC said he spoke with a friend of Adelson who indicated Adelson has written his last check for Newt.

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller argues this:

While the idea Gingrich could or would win a brokered convention seems absurd, it is likely that continuing to accrue delegates would give him additional bargaining leverage going into the Republican convention in Tampa this summer.

But there are good reasons for Gingrich to reject that cynical strategy. First, if he truly believes Mitt Romney is a “Massachusetts moderate” masquerading as a conservative, then he owes it to Republican voters to give former Sen. Rick Santorum a clean shot at wresting the nomination from him. I’m pretty sure Santorum has earned it.

Second, staying in the race — merely in order to play a king maker or to curry favor at a later time — is hardly the most honorable or inspiring reason to remain in a race. Gingrich would be essentially asking donors to contribute money to a campaign he knows cannot win — and he would be asking voters to cast their votes for a candidate he knows can’t win.

Then Allahpundit at Hot Air finds this from

PPP: “Our NC GOP poll coming out tomorrow shows an 8 point shift toward Santorum if Newt was out. Nothing but a spoiler at this point.” If Newt wants revenge on Romney for spoiling his chances in Iowa and Florida, dropping out and endorsing Santorum is his best option.

Then Santorum could go head to head with Romney in a more fair fight. Otherwise Romney might win the nomination. With clips like this one, the out of touch Romney might just snatch defeat from the jaws of victory:

Ouch. That out of touch attitude will just open the path to an Obama reelection.

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