Puerto Rico or Core Four?

Much is being made about Romney’s win in Puerto Rico. I don’t remember Puerto Rico’s vote even being mentioned in previous primaries as important, do you? Since the island isn’t a state and doesn’t vote, it seems like a Pyrrhic victory.

Santorum’s win in Mississippi and Alabama does matter.

So does this new Rasmussen poll. In it, “Obama Trails Santorum, Leads Romney in Core Four States” is the headline. In four very important states, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, Santorum beats Obama. In those same states, according to Rasmussen, Obama beats Romney. These are key swing states.

Santorum leads the president 48% to 44%. “This marks a shift from last week, when the president was slightly ahead of Santorum,” Rasmussen says.

Santorum may have lost in Ohio, but it was narrowly. He lost in Florida, but that was before his momentum began. Virginia was rigged, with only Romney and Paul on the ballot. North Carolina is yet to come. It is being called the place where the whole election could be decided. That’s why the Democrats chose it for their convention site. Specifically, the area around Charlotte (city for the DNC convention), there are 45,000 people who might determine the whole election.

“Obama remains ahead of Romney 46% to 42%, showing no change from last week,” the poll finds.

So while Romney supporters might be pointing to this meaningless win in Puerto Rico as momentum, let’s wait and see what happens in Illinois on Tuesday. That is, by far, more important.

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