Important Meeting Tonight

Our Midtown Republican Club is holding a candidates forum tonight at 6 at Cafe Eclectic on North McLean.

Republican primary voters from all over Midtown have been contacted and invited to attend. Guest speakers include Rick Rout, Steve Basar, Amy Weirich, Charlotte Bergmann and Wilson Stooksberry. It will be a great opportunity to hear their platforms and to ask questions.

Some may ask why should I join a club? What purpose does it serve? Am I committing myself to doing more than I can do?

All good questions.

The purpose of clubs in our Shelby County area is to help our candidates win elections, inform our citizens and give the candidates a good base from which to gain support, money and contacts.

Ever since belonging to our club, I have realized I will never again go into a voting booth and press the button for a candidate I do not know. All too often it is hard to get an idea of candidates who are running for clerk or judge positions. The federal elected offices get major attention from media. The city/county ones don’t get as much unless they have committed some crimes.

Still, it is these people who most directly affect our lives. If you ever have to bring a case to court, deal with property assessments, tax problems or file papers, you want to know that the people tasked with this will operate fairly, justly and do their duty.

In a club, you can meet these people and make your own evaluations. This is not something that can be done very easily by most of us in the public. Once informed, you can help friends and relatives out by sharing your thoughts on candidates. If you feel motivated, you can easily go work for them in whatever way pleases you. Sometimes it is by a small donation; sometimes by making phone calls; sometimes by working the polls. It all depends on you. There are no regulations connected with being in a club.

The information I have gathered by listening to various speakers would not have been possible by any other means. It’s enlightening and uplifting. Just yesterday a woman on my street asked who she might contact about a problem next door. Since I had heard our Council man Jim Strickland speak at a meeting, I suggested she contact him. I have found him accessible and reliable in returning an email. I would not have known what to do had I not met him at our club meeting.

All are welcome at tonight’s meeting. There is nothing stuffy, formal or formidable about it. Hope to see you there!

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