A New Weapon for Conservatives

Direct mail vitalized Republican voters when it was used for the first time in elections. The internet has helped propel us, particularly in the early years when most on it were conservatives. In Shelby County we have used CallFire and other phone methods and they produced results. Now there’s another arm in the arsenal: Gravity.

Not the Newtonian kind, but Political Gravity, a promising software development. Daniel Horowitz at Redstate.com reports on it. “Today, American Majority Action unveiled “Gravity,” the most advanced campaign management software and voter database system on the market. Developed together with Political Gravity TM , a leader in conservative political software technology, this all-in-one tool will allow Tea Party activists and conservative campaigns to communicate with and target the exact voters that are needed to win elections. The most unique aspect of this is that they are giving out free subscriptions to any authentic local Tea Party organization. National organizations and candidates can subscribe for a dramatically reduced rate. Freedom Works counts among the earliest prominent subscribers.

“Specifically, Gravity users can walk through neighborhoods with tablets or iPhones (and Droids) and have access to the most up-to-date information on any voter within the region, and can filter it based on any data point; from policy issues to income to voting history. Not only does Gravity display an instant Heat Mapping capability, it filters the heat map by voter intensity. Then, when the targeted audience is identified, Gravity provides the activist with the best route to canvass those voters. So if you’re canvassing for a Tea Party candidate against an establishment Republican in a low-turnout primary, you can instantly see all of the information about the most intense Republican primary voters and have access to the most efficient canvassing plan. In states that have early voting, you can track through the heat map which voters (filtered by any data point) have not voted yet. The entire operation can be monitored by the campaign managers with one bird’s eye view through the lens of this App.

“There are numerous other features embedded into this one-stop shop that would normally cost campaigns thousands of dollars per item without the seamless connectivity, that Gravity provides for a rate that even a candidate for local office can afford. It contains everything from hard ID’ing micro-targeting technology, VOIP technology, to automatic direct mailing and even a function to file FEC reportings – all in one App. You can literally manage every aspect of a campaign from Gravity. American Majority Action is working on some new secret capabilities that will be added to the system and out in the field for this cycle. They will all be shared with Tea Party organizations that share their intrepid vision of limited government.

“This what it looks like to take conservatism to the next level. This is winning.”

And Horowitz has this to report: “All of the information and the voter surveys were built from scratch to conform to the needs of conservative organizations and candidates. This was developed by conservatives for conservatives and will not be shared with anyone else.”

Let’s hope we can put it to use soon in Shelby County!

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