Don’t We Ever Learn?

During the Bush administration years, particularly the last four, many of us kept waiting for them to fight back.
They would be attacked by the media and the Democrats (I repeat myself), but nothing would come from the White House to refute the lies and calumny.

The explanation was that it was beneath the office of the president. Maybe, but the Democrats certainly didn’t stop and they successfully vilified conservatives and Republicans, landing a complete unknown, untested radical in the White House.

Karl Rove in his autobiography admitted that they should have done more. They should have fought back on the WMD issue, the Social Security issue, the success of the war, the economy. Instead, they attacked their own over the issue of immigration.

But even after three years of post Bush attacks by the Obama people, we’re still taking shrapnel. You don’t hear a peep out of them to denounce their fault on Freddie & Fannie (see Barney Frank), the stock market plunge and now they’re even being blamed for the outlandish party video that is circulating that took place in 2010!

I suppose the ridiculousness of the charge seems too far fetched to dispute. Au contraire. The more ridiculous and outlandish, the more people are apt to believe it. And with no counter narrative coming from our side, it becomes fact. People might not believe a simple lie, but make it in HD technicolor, and they can only assume it must be true.

Come on Bush, people! Start getting a backbone. I want more than former Press Secretary Dana Perino out front with her half hearted rebukes. Launch a full borne attack. It’s more than the office of the president that’s at stake; it’s the whole country’s future!

I am also dismayed at this new campaign by the Obama people: that Republicans are waging a war on women. Granted, it is silly. There is nothing plausible about it. But that doesn’t mean women reject it. Where are our talking points? Where are our women legislators out making fun of this ploy? Why do we sit and silently wait for someone to speak up?

Is it going to be up to the Tea Party to rescue Republicans in 2012? I don’t see them coming. Many of them seem to have joined the establishment GOP.

We let our previously staunch black contingent of Republicans slip away. We are letting hard working Hispanics go, too. Pro life Catholics have wandered and some evangelicals. We can’t afford to lose women. There is nothing substantive in any of these attacks, still the Democrats managed to snare these groups.

I would like to hear more from the RNC. I would like to hear more than just talk radio people dispute the attacks. Couldn’t someone mobilize a GOP women’s march on Washington? Something to show it’s not true?

For the sake of the country, please – fight!

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