Revenge Is Tweet

The banter on Twitter today concerning the Hilary Rosen’s “Ann Romney never worked a day in her life” will crack you up. Here are some of the better ones:

Jon Gabriel: Uh, @HilaryRosen since you’re under the Obama bus already would you mind changing the oil?

Jim Geraghty: Hilary Rosen didn’t just handle Obamacare messaging, she also helped BP with messaging during the oil spill.
It’s a shame Ann Romney couldn’t do “real work” like helping BP on Capitol Hill after the oil spill.
Would you rather have your current health and income, or would you prefer to have Ann Romney’s wealth, along with MS & breast cancer?

Iowahawk, noting that Rosen works with Anita (I love Mao) Dunn: Maybe HR should change the name of her consulting firm to Dunn and Dumber.
Apparently, @HilaryR learned to drill deep holes while she was handling PR for British Petroleum.
Breaking: Obama declares solidarity with stay-at-home moms; points to his blue jeans
Out of curiosity, what “real job” has @BarackObama ever had?
Hilary Rosen is a “media and communications consultant.” And Typhoid Mary was a “nurse.”
Idea: Hilary Rosen & Jamie Gorelick team up for a new empowered feminist DC lobbying firm: HERnobyl®
Good morning, @HilaryR! Is your phone ringing off the hook with eager new PR clients? #shesaprofessional
Hey girls! Forget Suzy Homemaker, get the new talking Hilary Rosen doll! Pull her string and she says over 30 gaffes!
Whom the gods would destroy they first give Hilary Rosen as PR spokesperson.

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