Pay no attention to the man (Rangel) behind the curtain

hear no evil
I can't hear you!

Last week embattled Democrat Charlie Rangel gave a surprise speech in the House, defending his recent ethics charges.

According to Dana Milbank at The Washington Post,  “it was one of the most extraordinary pieces of political oratory in recent memory.” He characterized it as a “rambling 30-minute speech attacking the committee, the Republicans, his fellow Democrats and even his own lawyers. It was less of a floor speech than a primal scream directed at those who say he should resign.”

So gripping, evidently, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi left the floor and many Democrats looked uncomfortable.

So gripping, too, that afterwards when reporters asked House Democrats about it, they had this to say:

“Not now,” said Representative Louise Slaughter.

“I didn’t really hear it,” pleaded Representative Howard Berman.

And our very own Steve Cohen: “What speech?”

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