Battling Continues in “War on Women”

Mary Matalin filled in for Rush Limbaugh on his show this afternoon and one of her guests was Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

Good to see that Republican women are coming forward to dispel this ridiculous notion of a “war on women.” More of it should happen in light of the Hilary Rosen diss of Ann Romney and the discovery that women in the Obama administration make 18% less than their male counterparts. It’s hypocrisy and scare mongering.

Matalin introduced Mrs. Blackburn and lauded her “as a foxhole buddy” in the war against the “war on women.” Matalin said “the gender gap doesn’t exist as the Democrats talk about it.” Blackburn agreed.

“The mom in the minivan, the ones who are making decisions for the family, single women trying to start a business; the real war is against business,” Blackburn said. “The administration keeps trying to increase taxes on the small businesses and a third of them are owned by women.” Blackburn said the women she meets are concerned about the uncertainty in regulations, the possibility of an increase in taxation and Obamacare and those are keeping them from hiring.

She noted that “women make 85% of the health care decisions in this country and the health care sector employs more women than men. They don’t want the federal government telling them what they can buy or do. If you look at business or you’re looking at health care, women don’t agree with the administration. They agree with Republicans.”

Both women pointed out the unemployment situation. “It’s getting worse with every report,” Matalin said. “We don’t have the kind of economic growth to bring about more jobs,” Blackburn said. “Jobs for the summer, for recent grads and the underemployment are bad. Look at what has not happened in the economy since this president took office. The labor force participation rate is very low right now, possibly lower than it has been since WWII. Look at the underemployment and disposable income which is down about $2,000 per household. All of it is impacting women and they’ve about had their fill of this.”

Matalin believes “the war on women will be won by conservatives because it’s not a war on women, it’s a war on all of us.” Blackburn agreed that women are worried about whether our children and grandchildren will have the opportunities we have had. “We want to preserve the American dream which is about faith, family, hope and opportunity.” She frets the idea of American exceptionalism is being lost.

The congresswoman likes to point to her work with lifting the ban on incandescent light bulbs. “The CFLs are a good metaphor for what’s happening in this administration. They don’t work, they’re too dangerous, too expensive and the government is involved in all of it. As (William F.) Buckley said, ‘a liberal wants to stick his hand in your shower and adjust the temperature.’ I’m for freedom of choice.”

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