Those Who Can – Do. Those Who Can’t – Teach.

Homework?This morning it was New York Republican Peter King’s chance to use the term”teachable moment.”

“I think the President missed an opportunity here,” he said on Fox News. “This was a ‘teachable moment,’ in his terms,” King said, referencing Obama’s controversial remarks on the Ground Zero mosque.

We had another teachable moment recently with the Shirley Sherrod tapes released by Andrew Breitbart, according to pundits.

And we had another one with Professor Henry Gates last summer with the beer summit after Gates was arrested by the Cambridge police.

In fact, just about any controversy brings this term out of the pundits’ and politicians’ bag of trite comments.

I, for one, would prefer no teaching moments. How about some governing moments for a change? Why do the American people have to be taught? Aren’t we the ones they are supposed to be listening to? The whole premise of this with Americans as juveniles awaiting our ideas from our professor/president has it all backwards. After all, the President and our elected officials should get their grade from us.

It looks like Obama’s racking up a solid F.

Maybe that will teach him.

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