Yes, CA, There Are Republicans in Midtown

It was surprising to find the Midtown Republican Club mentioned in an article in yesterday’s Commercial Appeal. Twice. Albeit it was in one of the stories they call “PolitiFact Tennessee” that purports to find the truth in politicians’ statements.

“Flinn not the ‘chicken’ Bergmann claims him to be” was the headline. Incidentally, has their Politifact “truth-o-meter” ever found a Republican in the state to be truthful? If there was one, I missed it, as they tend to be hit pieces parading as journalism.

This one concerned whether Charlotte Bergmann was correct that Dr. George Flinn dodges debates with her. We were mentioned because of our March 27 candidates forum where neither candidate showed. Both sent substitutes. What the Commercial Appeal failed to report was that another candidate, Wilson Stooksberry, did show up. He did address our group and won over supporters.

You would think that they might report on all candidates. Seems like what we get today is selective journalism.

Still, liberals could not have been too happy to find out that there actually are Republicans in Midtown, living amongst them. Midtown is supposed to be a liberal bastion that stops the contagion of East Memphis conservatism from spreading too far.

I hope more conservative Midtowners realize that they are not alone and that they have a great asset in our club. Anyone interested in joining should know that we welcome all. Our focus is to help voters meet the candidates, get informed on their platforms so that they can vote knowledgeably and let their neighbors know, too. Nowhere else can you get to meet a gubernatorial candidate, congressional and even Senate candidate and ask him or her questions personally.

And, get to meet neighbors who think like you do.

It’s also a great resource to promote your favorite to whatever degree you like – making phone calls, donating to campaigns or just spreading the word.

The next time you see an Obama sign pop up in a neighbor’s yard, don’t get mad. Look into the Midtown Republican Club and find a great outlet for change.

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