Wealth of Names for Obama

That always humorous blogger Iowahawk had a hilarious set of tweets yesterday. He was suggesting names for a yacht, should the imperious Obama get the government to purchase one for him.

Here’s a sample: HMS Pedantic; Loser-tania (these for those who have been around awhile); Teaching moment; Miss Julia; Hope Floats; Gone Spongin’; Kenya Dig It.

Then he suggested: Gone Fission; Don’t Laugh You Paid For It; Stimulus III; Gone Flukin’; Land Ho and Row Harder. Someone else added a good one: the Salty Dog.

Then it occurred to me that all these names would be good for horses, too. With the Preakness tomorrow, here are a few of my own suggestions should the Obamas decide to get a thoroughbred: Dog Biscuit; Big Red; Arab Leanings; I’ll Tax Another.

How about Pony Up? We’ll all be doing that if he gets reelected. The African Queen – that would cover his gay supporters. My Friend Fluka; National Debt; White Folks Greed; Hoping for a Comeback.

You can bet that if he had a horse, it would win. Not because it’s good, but because it’s the Chicago way. Especially when it comes to race, eh?

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