The Right Side of History Is Often Wrong

As a Republican, it’s hard for me to imagine the way liberals think. How does any American ever even consider that Democrats have any plans that are good for the country? Their socialist bent goes against the Founding Fathers’ ideals.

This morning, I took a trip to Democratville, transported courtesy of my kitchen cabinet installer.

“I see you’re a Republican,” he announced as he was finishing up the job. Since I have campaign pictures of Republicans in the hall and a sign over the garage that says “Republican Parking Only,” this was not an intellectual stretch for him.

Before I could finish saying “yes” he asked me what I thought of Romney and whether I would vote for him. I told him he wasn’t my first choice, but I would vote for him. “My wife says Mormon is a cult, and would never vote for him,” he announced, but “I voted for him in the primary.”

At that point a smug superior look came over his face, he drew himself up and said, “You see, I’m an independent.”

Yes, independent is an ever shifting mythical land inhabited by people who blow whichever way the hot breath of media anchors directs them. He went on to clarify. “Sometimes I lean Republican, but lately more Democrat. I don’t belong to any religion either. I have gone to Mormon services, Catholic churches and Baptist. I checked them all out. I don’t really think religion is that important.”

OK. God probably doesn’t think you’re important either.

“My friends were surprised that I voted in the Republican primary, but I didn’t like the other guys. Too much religion.” I guess he was speaking of Santorum.

“Last time I was leaning towards McCain, but when he said that we might be in Iraq for 100 years, my wife got furious and made me turn off the TV. We have a 12 year old boy and she didn’t want him to go over there. I turned from Bush because of his wars,” he said.

“And I didn’t like Sarah Palin.” I managed to squeeze into the conversation and ask if he thought Biden was preferable. “Well I looked into him and saw that he was the second least wealthy person in his 37 years in the Senate. I figured he was either stupid or an honest guy. I didn’t feel like Sarah Palin – who was very nice to look at – was ready for the job.”

His analysis of Biden was at least half right.

From there we leaped to FDR. “My dad lived in Hooverville,” he said. I started to say that economists now believe FDR actually prolonged the depression, but Marty plowed ahead. “He helped the unions and gave us Social Security. My dad said that no one ever refused to take a Medicare or Social Security check.”

That paternal Boswell also observed that the country is really liberal. “They just don’t realize they are, dad said.” Interesting, but again, wrong.

Marty admitted that he voted for Obama in ’08. “I wanted to be on the right side of history,” he said. That explained a lot. It showed the mind numbed quality of Democrats who don’t want to examine the issues, just jump where everyone else is. I’ve heard this before and never fail to be horrified by it. It’s the same mindset that worked for Hitler in Nazi Germany. It’s a dangerous route to the end of the American way of life.

I wanted to ask him if he was pleased with the economic direction of the country. How’s that working out for you? Do you like high unemployment? Are you aware that if Obama gets reelected, economists see Taxmaggedon hitting him before Obama even gets sworn in again? Does he like high gas prices? Are we out of Afghanistan? Are you ready for insurance rates to double if Obamacare passes muster with the Supreme Court? Do you see the housing crisis easing? Do you think you’ll be spared from the endless rules and strict regulations that will affect everything you eat and do?

Marty will probably press the lever for Barack again in ’12. But he might not get what he expects. He might find the U.S. on the wrong side of history.

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