A Job to Do

Jobs are perhaps the most important issue in the nation right now.

But it’s not just the lack of them; nor the statistics cranked out weekly about them that frame the issue.

I don’t think we know anymore what jobs are anymore. The job descriptions of the past don’t seem to apply now. We don’t know what we’re doing. Even the president doesn’t seem to know what his job is.

Monday, in attacking Mitt Romney, Obama said “as president one’s job is to figure out how everybody in the country gets a fair shot” and “how to set up an equitable tax system.”

Talk radio host Mark Levin pointed out the absurdity of this claim. He rightly said that the president’s main job is to defend the Constitution, something Obama seems to have forgotten about or dismissed. His job is not to hand hold or work for equal opportunity. It’s about securing our rights and our defense. That’s job 1 for him.

With the head of our nation unsure about what his job is, no wonder no one else knows what theirs is either.

For example, the journalist certainly does not understand what his job is. It used to be to report the news fairly. Now it is to report only the news they want to showcase, news shaped to push the liberal, government agenda.

Teachers used to try to impart knowledge to students. Now, if they do, they are often punished. Their job is to push kids through the system, promote their unions and look out for their benefits. Learning has dropped off the radar for the educators in charge.

Police aren’t able to do what they used to do. It’s not about stopping the bad guys. They have to be sure they do not offend anyone or racial profile. Judges don’t seem to be able to mete out justice as they should. They are more concerned about the political correctness. Doctors can’t treat people as they’d like because regulations from Medicare or insurance companies prevent it. At the same time, they have to look over their shoulders to make sure no one has a claim to sue them. Restaurateurs can’t cook what they like; the food police is ever vigilant. Bankers can’t make loans or are compelled to make them to clients they would redline.

If the Obama administration succeeds, priests and ministers will be forced to go against their purpose, too. Catholic hospitals would have to provide for contraception and abortion. If gay marriage were to become the law of the land, they, too, will be compelled to carry out same sex weddings that go against their faith.

Maybe that’s why we see such dissatisfaction among Americans when it comes to jobs. If they are lucky enough to find one and hold it.

And should you succeed at it, as Mitt Romney did or the Koch Brothers, watch out. You are really in trouble. You have a bull’s eye on you. If the tax man doesn’t scalp you, the regulators or the 99% will.

No wonder the mood in the country is so sour.

At least as Republicans we know what our jobs is: remove these people via the election. It starts at the top with the president and goes down to everyone else who is perverting the American system.

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