What Romney Should Say

If Romney wants to win the election, he’d better start releasing his inner Chris Christie.

Yesterday when Romney visited a poor school in the inner city of Philadelphia, the Obama administration organized a protest against him. They even used the mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter, who addressed the media and the protestors. He snarkily said that Romney “suddenly somehow found West Philadelphia.”

The Washington Post reported:

When Mitt Romney came to an inner-city charter school here Thursday to promote his new education agenda, he received something of a history lecture about the persecution of blacks in America and the struggles of African American children to meet the academic achievements of their white counterparts.

Seeking to broaden his appeal heading into the general election, Romney was venturing for his first time in this campaign into an impoverished black neighborhood to hear the concerns of local educators and community leaders. But here in the streets of West Philadelphia, the emotion surrounding his contest with the nation’s first black president was raw, as dozens of neighborhood residents shouted, “Get out, Romney, get out!”…

…Outside, meanwhile, some brick row houses across from the school were boarded up. Police had cordoned off a full city block to protect Romney and his entourage. Residents, some of them organized by Obama’s campaign, stood on their porches and gathered at a sidewalk corner to shout angrily at Romney. Some held signs saying, “We are the 99%.” One man’s placard trumpeted an often-referenced Romney gaffe: “I am not concerned about the very poor.”

Madaline G. Dunn, 78, who said she has lived here for 50 years and volunteers at the school, said she is “personally offended” that Romney would visit her neighborhood.

“It’s not appreciated here,” she said. “It is absolutely denigrating for him to come in here and speak his garbage.”

So how would Chris Christie handle it? He certainly wouldn’t bow his head and move on. Or look embarrassed. All Romney has to do to stop this kind of thing is to say “and how is this working out for you? Has the Obama administration helped you one bit? Are you better off now? More jobs? Better salary? Are the schools better?” Then he should turn his attention to Nutter or fill-in-the-blank Democrat politician. “Are things better now with Nutter (or X)? Doesn’t look like it.”

Romney doesn’t have to be smart aleck. He shouldn’t be angry. He shouldn’t be confrontational. But he should show some passion, via disgust, at the state of the country in the past 3 years.

He needs to find a line to repeat at every stop he makes where he is protested. Otherwise the attacks will continue and intensify and give the media a meme with which to clobber Romney.

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