Steve Cohen a ‘no show’ for Townhall

I just got off the phone with Steve Cohen’s office.

I haven’t seen anything about a town hall meeting scheduled; usually in Midtown I get a glossy flier from him talking about his accomplishments, the election and a scheduled town hall meeting. Last summer I believe there were two. According to the media, the health care reform issue at his town hall last year wasn’t too confrontational. However, this summer while making Callfire calls for our candidates I did come across one woman who disputed that.

She had taken her teenage son to it, so that he could get an idea of what happens at one. She said it got pretty heated. The two anticipated seeing that on the TV news. They were shocked when it wasn’t portrayed at all. Her son couldn’t believe the difference between what he saw and what they showed.

Anyway, we won’t be treated to any such occurrence this summer. The spokesman said there was not one on Cohen’s schedule and there wasn’t one listed on his website.

I asked if he would have one before the election and he mumbled that there was a mandatory blackout period before the election so that there wouldn’t be one.


I’ve heard about McCain-Feingold and restrictions about advertising, but it seems strange that a congressman would not be allowed to meet with his constituents.

Then, with everyone talking about President Obama’s remarks backing the Ground Zero Mosque, and Obama’s wholehearted backing for Cohen, I asked what Cohen thought about it.

“I have no idea,” he said. “But anyway, it won’t be an issue in the 9th district.”

Really? I think it is one of the clarifying issues of the campaign. Cohen may represent the 9th district, but his vote impacts the whole country.

Let’s see if anyone in the media asks him this.

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