Gatewaypundit’s Jim Hoft reported “Now we know… New York Times White House Correspondent Helene Cooper broke this shocking news on the Chris Matthews Show. Cooper told the a panel of leftists that the reason Barack Obama did not like to spend time at Camp David… No golf.” This weekend marked Obama’s 98th trip to the golf course during his presidency.

Then, as reported at “In a striking breach of protocol, President Obama today abandoned the press, and his whereabouts were unknown for a some period of time.

“According to the pool report, Obama left the Andrews Air Force Base golf course without the press vans that accompany him everywhere. The vans proceeded back to the White House on their own.

“From the pool report:

‘The pool does not know first hand when the president left the base, what route he took, or when he arrived at the White House. We were told that he arrived at 5:58 pm and went to the residence.’

“The White House told the press pool that the president had left at about ten minutes before the pool, which departed at 5:45 pm. The pool arrived back at the White House at 6:13 pm.

“Sometimes the vans must play catchup to the president if he gets in his car ahead of them, but the pooler reported that the vans in this case had been waiting for half an hour.

“The White House has offered no explanation as of yet.”

If you recall, this kind of incident has happened before. Very strange.

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