Shame on Steve Cohen

Ninth district representative Steve Cohen went out and made remarks impugning the Republican held Election Commission over the Memorial Day weekend at a ceremony honoring the fallen. He offers no facts, just accusations. Local news outlets breathlessly repeat his assertions that 500 black Democrats were or will be deprived of their votes. Sounds ominous, huh?

Since it was done on a holiday when Election Commission employees were on vacation, the offices closed and they could not get to the data, the charge was not immediately answered. However, Rich Holden at the Commission today fired back. The Commercial Appeal quotes him as saying “the article from blackboxvoting is incorrect.” ( is an organization run from Seattle by a liberal woman who first suggested fraud.) He backed this up by providing the newspaper with the history for some of the more prominent names on the list.

“We can produce the remaining 400 plus if necessary to prove their handling of data (, is at best, questionable,” Holden said.

So much for that brouhaha. But it’s a prime example of drive by journalism working with the Democrat party. A Democrat makes an accusation (in this case Rep. Steve Cohen), the news media covers it, the idea gets planted in voters’ heads, but the truth gets buried. It’s a classic set up.

The very people who decry racism and plead for harmony are the first ones to get on this bus. They undermine our electoral system, our democracy and our country.

Cohen owes the residents of Memphis an apology for his rush to condemn us.

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