Today’s O Outrage

Barack gets a break – so far – today on the outrage. Today it goes to Michelle Obama.

She took the podium at the unveiling of the Bush portraits. She said a few nice things about Laura Bush (and omitted GWB) and then managed to turn the topic around to herself and her daughters. Commenting that Jenna and Barbara were “a mess” (from crying), she said she hoped their own daughters would one day feel that way. “You’re on the other side of where we hope to be; in a couple of years, two daughters who sit up straight and cry and think lovingly about their mom and their dad. We’re working towards that goal.”

The First Lady then commented upon their move three years ago. “Hopefully we are setting the same example of warmth and hope.” Yes, it’s always about them.

When she posed for pictures Michelle looked less than enthused. Then she managed to paste on a smile.

And what’s with the pronunciation of straight? To her it comes out shtrate. She didn’t do it once, but several times.

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