Green or Greedy?

Yesterday’s mail brought a leaflet from MLG&W. “We Have the Power!” it proclaims.

No argument there, except during small thunderstorms, birds in the equipment and any minor gust of wind that shuts down our utilities.

Anyhow, the Energy Services and Marketing Department (we need a marketing department for a basic of human life?) asks us to make the green power switch. “You have the power to improve our environment today!”

Yes, just think how much less of a carbon footprint we mean Republicans would make if we all just died today.

Aside from that happening, MLG&W tells me that “for just $4 per month, you can purchase a 150 kilowatt hour block, about 12% of a typical household’s monthly energy use. You can buy just one block or as many as you like. With each Green Power block purchased, you add locally generated renewable energy to our region’s grid…In fact, an investment of $12 a month buys enough green power to equal the annual environmental benefit of planting an acre of trees in the Tennessee Valley region!”

Oh, boy! And for this, I get what? Nothing. Or, if I’m needy, I get to feel like I’m a good guy, supporting Mother Nature. How is this different from Al Gore’s carbon footprint scam?

From what I see this is just another redistribution of wealth the Democrats and the government love so much. I may even end up with less energy if I do this because it will encourage the government to stop companies from making affordable energy from coal and oil.

Looks like the green this movement is interested in does not sport leaves, but pictures of presidents.

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