How Don’t I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

Glenn Beck reminded people the other day all that Barack Obama has done for us. It’s quite a list. Hat tip Hillbuzz.

1. Universal healthcare

2. Don’t ask/don’t tell gone/Defense of Marriage Act trashed/came out in favor of gay marriage.

3. Justice system has become a political tool (weighing in & commenting on the Trayvon Martin case, which obviously influenced many blacks against Zimmerman)

4. Ended the war on terror. “There is no terror, only legitimate Jihad.”

5. Appointed members of the Muslim Brotherhood to posts in Homeland Security and the Pentagon. Also erased training against muslim terrorists.

6. Labor unions are a full partner in his Presidency.

7. Sueing the state of Arizona over illegal immigration, instead of enforcing existing federal laws.

8. EPA is out of control. Man, they even have SWAT teams over there!

9. Oil moratoriums. He has shut down the largest oil refinery on the east coast. Gasoline has doubled in price since Bush left.

10. Shut down the coal industry. On record as saying he would make it unprofitable and punishing to open a mine.

11. Advanced two ultra liberal judges to the Supreme Court.

12. Demonized millionaire entrepreneurs and Wall Street.

13. Co-opted banks & auto industry. Not fully nationalized just yet.

14. Credit protection agency answers to no one but the the Fed. Outside the Constitution.

15. US Military has been reduced in size, while creating a private state department civilian army

16. Changing foreign constitutions by withholding State Department money if they don’t modify their constitution to approve abortions.

17. Co-opted the media

18. Demonizes anyone with an opinion different from his.

19. Appointed Socialists & Communists revolutionaries to high positions.

20. Gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Socialist-Communist Delores Huerta.

21. Oversaw the basic destruction of NATO.

22. Operations such as Libya, were European-led, not US.

23. Gotten rid of the Missile Shield at the expense of Poland.

24. Given our nuclear codes & missiles from the US & allies to Russia

25. DOJ stopped prosecution of illegal voting in Florida.

26. Has been on a non-stop “apologize for America” tour.

27. Made sure ACORN was a federal budget item.

28. Cozied up with Russians, Hugo Chavez, etal. IOW, our enemies.

29. Massive regulations in place, courtesy of Cass Sunstein

30. Supports Occupy Wall Street, a group made up largely of anarchists, Communists and revolutionaries.

31. EPA can now regulate carbon emissions

32. Michelle Obama is trying to tell us what Americans can & cannot eat

33. Oversaw massive expansion of government dependency, with Food Stamp recipients going from 26 million to 48 million under his administration.

34. Bloated stimulus plans that did little other than benefit liberal pet projects, and funnel money back to Democrat election funds.

35. Student loan system now all governmental.

So the next time someone asks you why you aren’t voting for Obama, let them have it.

I think he forgot to include insulted the British on numerous occasions and insulted the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court while they were in the audience at the State of the Union address.

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