Many Happy Returns – for Me

Even when it’s not about him, it’s still about him.

Beltway Confidential reports:

President Obama brought a piece of cake to his favorite departing Reuters reporter on Air Force One last night and asked her to wish him good luck on his reelection campaign.

Obama brought a bowl of strawberry shortcake to Caren Bohan, a respected Reuters reporter, to commemorate her final flight on Air Force One before she starts a job at National Journal.

“A single lit candle was in the whipped cream. He congratulated Caren on her new job, asked when she starts, said she had done a wonderful job as a reporter and as president of the White House Correspondents Association, and asked her to blow out the candle and make a wish – preferably one that had something to do with the number 270,” the pool reporter observed.

Obama also wrote Bohan a note: “We’re proud of you! All the best.”

The narcissist just can’t help himself. And, by the way, this confirms how much in the tank for him Reuters is.

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