O Outrage O’ the Day

Last night’s Obama trip to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Greenwich Village home was outrageous enough. Consider that he penciled in a brief trip to the new Freedom Tower in New York so as to bill the U.S. taxpayer for his million dollar fund raisers. So we get hung for the bill for what Obama said “to me, this is a date night.”

Bad enough. Today though he pulled another outrage. Drudge headlines: “Who Needs Congress: Obama to Grant Immunity to Young Illegals.” The Hill reports:

he Obama administration announced Friday it will stop deporting illegal immigrants who come to the country at a young age.

The politically charged decision comes as Obama faces a tough reelection fight against Republican Mitt Romney, with Hispanic voters in swing states seen as a key bloc.

The change in policy could allow as many as 800,000 immigrants who came to the United States illegally not only to remain in the country without fear of being deported, but to work legally, according to a senior administration official speaking to reporters Friday.

Ace of Spades blog had this reaction (besides its flaming skull which indicates big news):

Constitution? Never heard of it.

Politically it’s brilliant desperate. It will energize his base and force the GOP to talk about being anti-DREAM Act and anti-illegal immigrant. (“Brilliant was my insta-reax but it’s not. To be clear, it shows how weak Obama is. He’s blowing off white working class voters but he’s going to lose them anyway. He needs to rally his base to hold what he has. This will do that. Of course like most base rallying moves, it will rally the other side’s too.)

Seriously, how much pandering is this man willing to do? Unions, gays, celebrities, illegals. And all this without going through the legislative moves our nation has always required.

What next? Letting 16 year olds vote? The world community? Not much surprises me anymore.

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