Celebs to Determine Our Future

Forget about voting. You – and especially us knuckledraggers in flyover country – should sit back and let Hollywood, Broadway and the fashion industry determine who rules the country.

No kidding. This is from our very own president. CNS News reports “Speaking in a dimly lighted, art-filled room, Obama told supporters (at Sarah Jessica Parker’s fund raiser yesterday) they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation’s future.

‘You’re the tie-breaker,’ he said. ‘You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.'”

Well that’s heartwarming, isn’t it? Reassuring that the difficult job of weighing who would make the best president is out of our hands. We simply aren’t up to the task. Thank goodness SJP, Anna Wintour, Meryl Streep and George Clooney are. Not to mention Julie Louis Dreyfuss who is playing the vice president in a new series on HBO. Her experience will be needed when it comes to government and issues.

George Clooney has played military roles in the movies, hasn’t he? Barack, make him Secretary of Defense in your second term. Although since he played a doctor on TV, that medical knowledge might make him a top pick for Health and Human Services. This one’s a tossup.

Michael Douglas can be Treasury secretary. He knows Wall Street greed, doesn’t he, from his role in the movie of the same name?

When you think of how successful a senator Al Franken is, I don’t know why we peons didn’t accept our fate sooner. In Minnesota he took care of that silly voting matter by himself and gave himself extra votes to put him over the top against that UN hating Norm Coleman.

Stars in Hollywood like lindsey Lohan will determine our fate. So some of them have drug and emotional problems; even with those they are still smarter than Mr. and Mrs. Middle America. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that such luminaries as the producers of John Carter and Sex in the City are in charge of our welfare? Look at what a success California is under their tutelage!

Clearly the inhabitants of Hollywood are up to the tasks.

An added bonus to giving up our vote to people like Michael Kors, an attendee at the SJP soiree, is how chic the country will suddenly be. Kors & Co. can make sure pedal pushers don’t appear anymore. No more bad hair days if the fashion people are in charge. They can just dictate to us what colors are in style, what hem length, low or high heels. What a relief for us little people.

Maybe that’s what Obama meant by “tie breaker.” The fashionistas will make the call on what style of tie is chic. Now that’s one statement by Obama I can agree with. That’s their expertise. Politics isn’t.

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