Morning Rant

I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. My blood pressure rising was not helped by the DirecTv having problems, the refrigerator needing repair and a long wait ahead today for that. Even the dog didn’t want to eat.

However, it is other things that have set me off.

Do you like the new design of the Commercial Appeal? Their aim is to have all Scripps Howard newspaper have a similar look. Why? Is this part of the move to globalism? What ever happened to American cities’ individuality celebrated in their own local newspaper? It used to be each city had its own pace, its own style, its own way of doing things. That’s no longer desirable in the liberal world. We all must be similar, except when it comes to Wal Mart. They shouldn’t be in every city, in the liberal playbook. All that diversity they tout only works in talking about race. Other than that, we’re headed for totalitarian similarity.

In the car, tuning into the WMPS station – the Point – to listen to the Steve Gill show for a few minutes, it was again replaced by some sort of sports talk. Does anyone know what happened to that station? Has it been pulled for sports? If so, that is quite a loss as we will no longer have Mike Gallagher or Dennis Miller.

So I tune to 98.9. That supposed conservative station has on Bev, Kevin and Andrew. This morning they were clucking about the legislature in Nashville and its supposed ban on sex. Even Andrew Clarksenior, who is the only rational one, welcomed the guest, Barry Chase of Planned Parenthood.

Together the foursome went off on how backward we are in Tennessee because the legislature wants to put sex education back in the control of the parents. Imagine that! They discussed how high school children now will not get the facts about sex or information on how to prevent pregnancy. Have these people watched any show on cable lately? Any one of them provides too much information on sex. They practically perform it – and its oral variations – any hour of the night. Do these talk show hosts really think today’s high schooler doesn’t know more about sex than most 30 year olds did in the 1960s?

And what good has all the contraception and abortion done? We now have more unwanted pregnancies and abortions than we did in the days when abstinence was the norm. The more money we pour into these programs, the worse the social situation gets. A lot of the girls who get pregnant know how to prevent it, but they don’t want to. What good are all the Planned Parenthood clinics you’d want in the face of that?

Maybe these talk show hosts should take a look at facts instead of ignorantly talking off the top of their heads in agreement with a guest who makes money off the contraception business.

Another aggravation is having to wait another two days for the Obamacare ruling from the Supreme Court. Here we are with the fate of 300 million Americans in the hands of one Justice and they toy with us putting off the decision like Lucy taking away the football.

Will it be the right decision? Who knows? I’m not too confident in our society anymore.

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