Back to the Future

Yesterday on the way to the East Shelby Republican Club’s annual Master Meal in Germantown, we were listening to Mark Levin on the radio. As usual, Levin applied his razor sharp intellect to President Obama’s flabby rhetoric.

He quoted Obama railing against a possible Supreme Court slapdown of his unpopular Affordable Care Act and lasered in on his command that the U.S. continue forward – or as he put it – forwards. Levin remarked that might be some new English that he isn’t aware of because he always considered the word to be forward.

Anyhow, Levin took issue with the forward thinking mentality. Forward has always been the rallying cry of progressives, particularly scary Socialist/Fascist ones. Who could be against going forwards? It sounds good, doesn’t it? No one wants to be left behind. Everyone wants to be thought of as grasping the new possibilities of the future. Many like to think that just moving “forwards” will leave all problems behind(s).

Right now, I don’t want to go “forwards.” I would even like a little backwards. Not, of course, to the days of Jim Crow, segregated schools, no technology. (Ever wonder why the past is always dominated by racism? Of course, there was some, but America did good things along with the bad.) But to the days when freedom ruled and regulations didn’t; when the government didn’t care whether we drank a Big Gulp or no gulp; when the family was intact and the government supported that.

I liked it when the government thought prayer was a good thing. I liked it when presidents worked in the Oval office instead of late night talk shows, game shows and reality TV. I liked it when the First Lady tried to help girls in Afghanistan reach freedom rather than Michelle Obama reaching and doing push ups on TV shows to promote her view of lifestyles. (Michelle Obama is obsessed isn’t she, with your personal fitness? She intends delegates at the convention join her in some televised workout. Please, I don’t need to see Jerry Nadler doing jumping jacks.)

I liked it when freedom didn’t mean that I could watch oral/gay/kinky sex acts punctuated with the f word on any drama/comedy/entertainment show I sit down to watch. I liked it when small businesses were let succeed or fail on their own and appreciated when they grew.

What makes people think forwards means better? Obama’s forwards to me means poor quality, expensive health care with few doctors and little advancing research. Forwards means the growth of big corporations friendly to him who depend on his whims to survive and over regulated small businesses that must only offer what the government approves. Forward means the loss of the nuclear family and its replacement by uncaring bureaucrats. Forward means I can only buy what the government tells me is good for me. It means the end of individuality and creativity. Big government stifles both. It means an end to American exceptionalism and a world suffering from the loss.

Barack Obama’s forwards is not where I want to go. We could use some of the old ways right now.

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