An Interesting Take

I have been following a blogger who claims he has contact with a White House insider and a Wall Street nsider. Both have spoken to this blogger who has kept their identities secret. One is an operative deep in the White House who has come to despise President Obama and is working behind the scenes to thwart him. The other is a mover and shaker on Wall Street. He confesses to have, late in life, awakened to the damage being done to our country and he wants to stop it.

For a year and a half I have read their insights. I don’t know if they are legitimate, however, things that they have predicted will happen have occurred.

So I warn you in reading this that it open to doubt. I’ll let you decide what you think, but in light of today’s decision it is comforting. Today the White House insider shared his thoughts on the Supreme Court decision. Here’s the link:

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