Roberts’ Rules of Order

From the AP:

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts joked that he’ll spend some time on an “impregnable island fortress” now that the court has ended a session that featured him casting the decisive vote to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Responding to a question about his summer break, Roberts said he planned to teach a class for two weeks in Malta, the Mediterranean island nation.

“Malta, as you know, is an impregnable island fortress. It seemed like a good idea,” Roberts said, drawing laughter from about 300 judges, attorneys and others attending a four-day conference Friday at a posh southwestern Pennsylvania resort.

Roberts appeared Friday at a conference hosted by the Judicial Conference of the District of Columbia Circuit, one day after the Supreme Court said the federal government can require citizens to buy health insurance. The impromptu 35-minute session featured Roberts answering alternating questions from Chief Judge David B. Sentelle, of the D.C. Circuit Court, and Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who heads the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Eventually, Justice Roberts, you have to come back.

He’ll come back to find open arms from liberals and swanky elites. The rest of us, I’m afraid, Mr. Roberts, will despise you til the last breath we take.

Yesterday on the radio a woman called in to speak with talk show host Andrew Clarksenior. She went on and on, praising Roberts, saying that – and I paraphrase – he proved himself to be an upright man. She feared the hate he would face from conservative Americans. She thought he compromised and that was a good thing. We can’t keep on being partisan, said the holier than thou talker. It doesn’t matter about being Republican or Democrat. They had to get together and leave their ideologies to compromise.

Stunningly, Clarksenior, whom I always considered conservative, agreed. Very sanctimoniously they talked about what a great job Roberts did. They thought Mark Levin (whose name she mispronounced) is extreme.

I consider this twaddle from a naive and uneducated person. I guess she knows more than that best selling author and constitutional scholar Levin. I suppose she read his decision and her mind made a great logical leap forward and understood, where the rest of us didn’t, how he decided the tax Obama denied was a tax and therefore he was right to put us under his loathsome law.

I suppose she realizes the consequences of this single vote on 300 million Americans. How it shreds our freedoms and hands unbridled power to someone who will use it against us and his enemies. How it will require great sums to achieve a system worse than the one we already have. How 30 million people must be cared for at the expense of 300 million. How if you are a doctor you will probably want to drop out or retire from your profession. How that will mean long waits for the average patient, but death to those who need immediate attention. How the elderly will be disposed of and already have been to a great degree in the cuts to Medicare.

It can all be put at the feet of a few bad men. Now I consider Justice Roberts to be one of them.

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