A message from Lang

Yesterday I attended the monthly Lunch Hour Republican meeting at Salsa restaurant. Two great speakers were guests and one of them, our Chairman, Lang Wiseman, led off with his thoughts on the coming campaign.

Three things will determine the winning party, he said, “Turnout, turnout and turnout.”

Elaborating, he had graphs to show Republican turnout in the last three elections. In 2006 we got 40% Republican turnout, 8% independents and 3% Dem/African American swing votes. That gave us a 51% win and we had victory by all Republican candidates in County-clerk offices, plus a massive win by Luttrell and Gibbons.

August 2008 garnered only 33% Republican vote, 6% independents and 2% Dem/African American votes. With just 41% of the vote we lost a general sessions court clerk.

May 2010 brought 45% Republican turnout in the primary, which was the highest since 2002.

He concluded also that a candidate in Memphis needs approximately 90,000 to 100,000 votes to win; interstingly McCain garnered 150,000 votes. so the votes are out there.

Chairman Wiseman advised that there are 3 things we must do. Number one: Realize that we have the better candidates. We submitted them all to background checks and they were 100% clean. The Democrats said this was pointless and refused to do it. We must emphasize to citizens that our candidates are superior.

No. 2: Turnout. Apathy and defeatism are often are worst enemies. Statistics show that we can win in Shelby County.

No. 3: Get the swing vote by emphasizing that Republicans are the fiscally responsible party and the most efficient with your tax dollar.

Continuing, Lang said that we don’t have to convert Democrats; we can turnout our base and reach out to independents.

In June we will begin a phone calling campaign with a new computer program called Call fire and then in July we need to start knocking on doors and getting the word out.

As he warned, if we lose this election it could have dire consequences for our country and our county.

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