Fortnight Falling Flat

Even after the disastrous Supreme Court ruling on Thursday, it was all quiet on the religious front this weekend.

The American Catholic bishops had started a “Fortnight for Freedom” around June 24, the feast day for St. Thomas More. More was the one who refused to bow to Henry VIII of England and give up his faith. He lost his head – literally.

There had been some events at the national cathedral and a few around town for the “Fortnight.” None got much publicity; certainly nothing like the handful of Occupy Whatever got. The bishops are not media savvy; however, they could at least urge priests to use the pulpit.

But even after the ruling, there was silence. Nothing mentioned at my parish or at other parishes family members attended. It has not been a secret that Memphis’ bishop, J. Terry Steib, supports Barack Obama and probably applauded the Obamacare victory. I do not think abortion, contraceptive requirements and freedom of religion are high on his priority list. It’s no wonder nothing was said.

Nationally we’ll have to wait and see if there is any more reaction. Appallingly, both Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Chief Justice Roberts are Catholics. Well, at least when it comes to filling out paper work. It is now time for the Church to reach out to them. There must be some reaction to their perfidy. No one seems to talk excommunication, but it is a powerful tool that needs to be used in extreme cases.

Maybe the bishops will wait until closer to the election. In my opnion they are in part responsible for the position they find themselves in. When was the last time morality was mentioned in a homily? No, instead we get social justice which can never be achieved and works against the purpose of the church. Had right and wrong been preached to these people in their youth we might not find ourselves in this terrible predicament.

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