Sympathy for the Devil?

At my parish I was astonished to see on the list of Mass intentions for the week that someone had Senator Ted Kennedy down for Thursday’s daily Mass.

People have Masses said for loved ones or for special intentions all the time, but Teddy Kennedy? Really? I’ve never seen an intention before for a famous person.

Considering his background, oh say, Mary Jo Kopechne to name just one, along with serial philandering, the ruination of first wife Joan, his continued repudiation of the Church’s stance on abortion and votes to uphold abortion, that might be a stretch.

If I were an SAT test writer the analogy might be a Mass Intention is to Senator Ted Kennedy as:
1. A placebo is to terminal cancer
2. A thimble full of water is to putting out the Chicago fire
3. Obama spending “cuts” to our bloated deficit
4. All of the above

A: 4.

Only God knows what is in a person’s heart and judges them, but Teddy Kennedy?

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