Flinn Refutes CA Version

This morning’s Commercial Appeal devoted some of the Viewpoint section to profiles of the candidates up for election Aug. 2.

Missing in the District 9 primary was Dr. George Flinn, perhaps the leading candidate on the Republican side. There was an editor’s note that read “The other candidate in this race, George S. Flinn Jr., did not respond to repeated requests made to his campaign to submit information.”

Not so, says Dr. Flinn who writes on Facebook today:

This morning the Commercial Appeal printed a 2012 Ballot Primer in the Viewpoint Section of the newspaper. It was incorrectly noted that we did not respond to their request for information. In actuality we did respond to their request and the paper posted our response on-line this past Friday morning. We hope the paper will correct this error and I wanted to make sure that you all had an opportunity to read the information we provided.

He then links to this:

Name: George Flinn
Age: 68

Political background/experience:Republican nominee for Shelby County Mayor in 2002. Appointed to the Shelby County Commission on October 20, 2004 representing District 1, elected to the position on August 3, 2006. Ran for Congress in the 8th District of Tennessee in 2010.

Education: Memphis Central High School (1961), University of Mississippi (B.S., electrical engineering, 1965), Medical Degree, University of Tennessee 1969.

Occupation/career: Radiologist with seven offices in Memphis and throughout Shelby County. Owner of Flinn Broadcasting, with over 40 radio and TV stations.

Family: Single with two children and three grandchildren.

Personal: N/A

Motivation: My motivation for running for Congress is the future of not only my children and grandchildren but of our country’s next generation. I have been blessed in my life with a wonderful family and career. Serving patients in Memphis for the last 30 years has allowed me the opportunity to see the unique issues that face our area. My medical and business background perfectly positions me to craft solutions to the very difficult issues that our country faces today.

Top issues: We are facing so many issues as a nation right now but the three issues most impacting the 9th Congressional District are healthcare, the economy and joblessness and leadership.

The healthcare delivery system in our country is broken. Reforms are desperately needed but the Affordable Care Act has done nothing to address the real problems facing our citizens. I will take to Congress a unique perspective on health care and what it should be in our country.

Our community has struggled with joblessness for years and it has only gotten worse as our economy has gotten horribly off track. We need better opportunities in Memphis for meaningful work.

These problems cannot be addressed without strong leadership in Congress. I will go to Washington to represent all of the people of the 9th Congressional District.

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