Looking Towards November

Midtown Republicans
Clay Shelton talks with other Midtown Republicans Susan Ogle, left, and Cile Brooks.

Yesterday’s Lunch Hour Republican Club had it’s monthly meeting at Salsa and Midtowners were out in force. Five from our club were present, including our own Clay Shelton, who was the guest speaker.

Clay is running for the state House seat in District 89. He faces Jeanne Richardson, the incumbent. “The seat has been in Democrat hands for 35 years,” Clay said. “But now it’s competitive.” The district went for Luttrell in the August election, which is indicative of its ripeness for a Republican takeover.

“Why am I running against her?” Shelton asked. “I call her the Tennessee Pelosi because she has tried three times to get a state income tax passed. She has pushed for medical marijuana. She is out of touch but has been untouched so far because she hasn’t had an opponent.”

Shelton stressed that the makeup of the Tennessee House is important because the party in control will determine the redistricting and that will affect the next decade. “The state went for Bush twice and for McCain, however we have had more Democrat representatives and they gerrymander their districts to keep getting elected.” Shelton sees a historic opportunity for the party which until now had not been in control of the legislature since Reconstruction.

Clay also has called for Republicans to have a long range plan for the city and state as well as the nation.
“Democrats had a long range plan that included Hollywood, teachers and African Americans. We need to focus on young people and we can do that by focusing on the issues important to them that are also what we stand for: fewer taxes and more jobs.

“We need to publicly reach out to disaffected voters and we need to compete in every race every time.”

Clay will be needing help with funding and calling. A money-bomb is in the works to help him and Callfire will be used to reach his future constituents.

His website on facebook is Elect Clay Shelton so go take a look and give him a hand. He has a very good chance of winning.

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