Slanting the News Is Reporting the News

Fairness in media? Republicans know that when it comes to us, that’s not going to happen.

Look how outrageously Bart Sullivan discussed GOP candidates for the 9th district primary.

Bergmann, 59, is a scrapper and she has a strong sense that she should win the contest, in which little-known candidates Rollin Wilson Stooksberry and Ernest Lunati are also on the GOP ballot.

In other words, Bergmann has a delusional view of her importance. Stooksberry, too, because he is lesser known? Funny, I’ve seen Stooksberry signs aplenty in Midtown and East Memphis.

The reporter continues:

At the East Shelby Republican Club forum with Stooksberry (but not Bergmann or Lunati), Flinn distinguished himself from “Northeast liberal views,” then asked the crowd, “Are any of you for legalizing marijuana?” One person in a crowd of perhaps 75 raised his hand.

Why did Sullivan dwell on that? I bet it was a minor topic at the meeting. Repealing Obamacare and getting government off our backs and the economy to recover are topics Republicans care about. It is just meant to distract and make us look obsessed with social issues.

Since when do bumper stickers in a parking lot merit reporting?

A pickup in the parking lot outside the Germantown forum bore a sticker for Bergmann and one reading, “Help Abolish Take-Home Pay: Vote Democratic.”

It’s to set the stage for portraying Republicans as crazy right wing nut jobs as Sullivan continues:

That, and questions reflecting paranoid fears of a one-world government and secret detention of U.S. citizens (“I’m not for that,” Flinn quipped), show that there’s a hyper-partisanship and emotionalism in the air this year that concerns people like University of Memphis history professor Charles W. Crawford.

“I don’t think evidence would make much difference one way or the other when someone’s mind is made up that the nation faces overthrow from the Muslims or the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy,’ on one side or the other,” Crawford said.

That’s right. Media people like to call on their best buddies, left wing professors, as backup for their portrayals of conservatives as prejudiced weirdos.

How about this next non sequitur:

A forum sponsored by the Mid-South Tea Party last week decried Agenda 21 and mentioned fears that Tennessee is planning to convert to Sharia law. Stooksberry was the only 9th District candidate there, speaking of his “intense tenacity” in seeking to unseat Cohen.

Sullivan can’t miss hitting on the Tea Party, those violent, disruptive, freedom loving oddballs. Of course, Sharia law invading the U.S. would never happen, either; except in states where it has happened with judges happy to oblige insistent Muslim voters. And the government would never be thinking about Agenda 21, the Soros backed plan that takes aim at private property. Just because the courts approved land grabbing with their Eminent Domain ruling shouldn’t concern us, right? Or that the Democrats/liberals want to tax the miles we drive and tell us which cars to buy. Not to worry, huh?

How Sullivan then jumps to Stooksberry’s “intense tenacity” quote from Agenda 21 is a marvel of journalism.

Of course, the two Democrats in the race come off as virtuous and admirable. Cohen is “going up against a self-funder,” Cohen told the union members. Translation: Cohen is a regular joe just like you, not a moneybags capitalist wolf.

Tomeka Hart is a hard worker concerned about her community: “‘Just being out every day, even as exhausted as I can get, it’s always energizing, just to be around people, listening to them, and hearing what they have to say,’ she said.”

Sullivan concludes: “Cohen has received enthusiastic endorsements of just about everyone who counts, not least the current occupant of the White House, a boatload of local elected officials and the mayor of Memphis, A C Wharton.”

OK, then, Memphians, no need to use your own brain to make a decision. It’s been made for you by your betters.

This is modern journalism for you. From the New York Times to the Commercial Appeal, from NBC News to WMC, bias is part of the program.

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