June Club Meeting

With just 45 days til early voting begins, Congressman Zach Wamp and Sheriff Mark Luttrell stressed to our Midtown Republican Club how vital it is to get the word out on their candidacies for governor and Shelby County Mayor.  Both gave compelling speeches last night, June 1, about their visions for a better Tennessee and better Shelby County.

Congressman Wamp again stated his determination to see that Shelby County does not get ignored by the next governor and legislature in Nashville. He wants to increase Memphis’ role  as distribution center which would help bring jobs and revenue to our state. He pushed again for student testing at a younger age to stem illiteracy and noted that in Tennessee 28,000 students drop out and two-thirds of those end up in prison. “We are waiting too late to make sure students can read,” he said, and corrective action would benchmark problems in kindergarten before kids are advanced without good reading comprehension.

As for the school budgets, Wamp notes that school construction has pushed our debt up and bemoans the continual refinancing that means we are always paying more on our debt, not less.

Having spent 14 years on the Appropriations committe in the House, he notes he understands how to deal with such budgetary problems.

Another interesting point he raised was our health problem. “Only West Virginia is rated less healthy a state than Tennessee and we also lag all but West Virginia in prescription medications.” Wamp said he has signed a pledge to make sure The Med is kept and receives funding.

I was glad to hear him address the problems he sees in Washington.

“Congress is dysfunctional. There is no budget for this year, no appropriates drawn up. In short, it’s chaos under the direction of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.”

Wamp will be appearing, he said, on NBC July 11, which has schedule a gubernatorial debate.

Even though election day is August 5, the Congressman notes that half  the state may vote early. So don’t forget to inform your family and neighbors and get the word out.

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