We Are a Microcosm of a Bigger Plan

Aside from the book due out by Richard Miniter, describing Obama’s poor leadership, another one hits the stands Thursday.

Ron Radosh writes on Breitbart.com that

What Stanley Kurtz has accomplished in his new book Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, to be published on August 2, is nothing less than the complete exposure of President Barack Obama’s secret plans for his second term in office — plans that in reality amount to an assault on the values, well-being, and quality of life of the very middle-class voters he claims to represent…

The nature of the social policy Obama will put into practice if he wins a second term amounts to an entire gamut of initiatives, some well underway, to redistribute wealth not from the fabled 1% — who really do not have enough to save us from fiscal Armageddon even if the government took 80% of their profits — but from the average, middle-class, hardworking citizens who sought better lives and realized the American dream by moving to the suburbs, where the air is cleaner, the schools are decent, and life is peaceful and integrated.

Does this tactic begin to sound familiar? It’s what we are facing right now in Shelby County. The city is trying to do everything it can to bring in more of the county so it can tap the resources it so desperately needs and to take over the schools.

Radosh continues:

If someone was to say that these people want nothing less than to destroy suburbs in America, you might think that this sounds too crazy to be any kind of real possibility. Yet this is their goal and their hope, motivated by the belief that the growth of the suburbs was not a result of the desire to spread out and lead a good life by people who wanted to realize the American dream, but instead was fueled by racism, greed, and a desire to benefit from exploiting poor minorities. Those making such arguments occupy what is called a “regionalist” movement, and they hope to attain their goal through programs like regional tax base sharing in which money previously held by suburban communities for the benefit of those who live in them will be taken and redistributed to nearby cities and poorer suburbs.

In other words, this is a liberal plan that has been brewing for decades and which Obama is being used to implement it. Kurtz discusses the Alinskyites in the Oval office, people most of us have never even heard of, yet are influencing policy.

One of them is Mike Kruglik, a former boss of Obama and a community organizer trainer in the 80s.

All of these measures were discussed in a major White House conference held on July 18, 2011, at an event not covered by the press and never given any publicity. Featuring Obama’s old mentor Kruglik, the movement to destroy the suburbs as the way to transform America by redistributing tax monies to the cities was the very topic of discussion. It is part of programs such as the Sustainable Communities Initiative, and to be run through the group set up by Kruglik, Building One America.

By showing what this group proposes and how Kruglik hopes to implement its plans, Kurtz ties together Obama’s past radicalism with his present-day actions. He has brought into the White House a group of radicals who are as extreme as Ayers and Dohrn, but who don’t have their negative name recognition. The essence of all the programs, described in detail by Kurtz, is to distribute money from the wealthy suburbs to the urban poor, a fulfillment of his long dream to destroy the suburbs, areas he thought of as a bastion of racism and individualism.

How can they hope to achieve such a large goal? We’re seeing it here with the school systems. First, you accuse the counties and their citizens of being racist in a hope to shame or intimidate them. Then you use judges and the court system to fight/implement what you want. Propaganda is followed by individual intimidation. Why else would Democrats on the County Commission try to strong arm the Commercial Appeal to provide names and phone numbers of people who merely expressed their right to free speech?

It’s a scary new world. If Obama gets a second term the floodgates of all this will open, wash away and alter the current landscape. Kurtz and some others are coming forward to warn us. Will some of us hear?

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